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Bodai's grass agate ( 菩提の草瑪瑙 )

Bodai's grass agate ( 菩提の草瑪瑙 ) in Japan

This stone is called Kusa-Menou ( 草瑪瑙 ) which means "grass agate" if translated in English.

Bodai's Grass Agate

Kusa-Menou is mined from Bodai (菩提) area which is in Komatsu city, southwestern Ishikawa Prefecture in the Hokuriku region of Japan.

Actually, Bodai area and Nata (那谷) area are contiguous.

Nata, Bodai, and Takigahara (滝ヶ原) areas in Komatsu City were the largest area for jasper and agate mining in ancient times as Yayoi Period and Kofun (Tumulus) Period. The people at that time processed underground resources into jewelry by processing skill and techniques.

A middle portion of this Kusa-Menou is clear and the surrounding goldish or yellowish fibrous and small red inclusions are distinctive.

The reason of the name Kusa-Menou, grass agate is not sure, but maybe because fibrous inclusion (this case of the stone is yellowish) found on the stone surface look like grass.

I said there are inclusions, however, it is interesting because yellowish are opaque and not light transmission although a middle portion is very light transmission. It's just like center area is agate but surrounding area is jasper.

Bodai's Grass Agate

Although this stone is called Kusa-Menou ( grass agate ), chalcedony seems to be more appropriate term since there is no curved bands in the stone.

Bodai's Grass Agate

This stone seems to be a piece of broken stone like glass since the outermost surface is weathered like bare rock.

Bodai's Grass Agate

This kind of weathered portion can be found also in Nata’s Jasper.

Since Nata and Bodai area are contiguous and sectioning off an area of land is completely made by a human being in the first place, having the same characteristics in Nata’s Jasper and Bodai's Kusa-Menou ( Grass Agate) is not unusual.

This is other side of the Kusa-Menou:
Bodai's Grass Agate

Surrounding color mixing condition and transparent to translucent in a middle portion make me feel both roughness and pure and I think this stone is beautiful.