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Monyou-seki ( 紋様石 )

Monyou-seki ( 紋様石 ) in Japan

There is a category of Monyou-seki ( 紋様石 ) in Suiseki world.

Monyou-seki is a stone which have the pattern on the surface of the stones and for enjoying viewing the pattern.

By the way, "Monyou" means "pattern" and "seki" means "stone" in Japanese.

Any pattern such as flower, cloud, animal, or character is okay. Occasionally, the pattern on the surface of the stones also represents the flow of water.

Sometimes, Kikuka-seki ( 菊花石, chrysanthemum stone) is included in the category, however, Kikka-seki is very famous and considered as the greatest of all ornament stones in Japan(It is also registered as Special Natural Monuments which is especially important natural monuments) and therefore, Kikka-seki is often excluded from the category.

The following photo is one of the Monyou-seki. What do you see in the stone?

Quote from "緋山酔恭の山水石美術館" Crane, Monyou-seki ( 紋様石 ):

Crane, Monyou-seki ( 紋様石 )

Yes, it is a crane.

I believe that you can see the crane with no difficulty.

However, since Suiseki is enjoying to see the world in a tiny stone and it includes enjoying imagining, too intelligible pattern is not preferred.

Rather, some fuzziness to make viewer image something from pattern is preferred.

By the act of seeing Monyou-seki, enjoy imaging and admire the nature for the pattern made by nature.

So, what do you see in the following photo?

I see…

Master Yoda!(It’s cool!)

Or, Gremlins?

Or, may be just big rat…