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Neo Suzume-ishi ( 根尾雀石 )

Neo Suzume-ishi ( 根尾雀石 ) in Japan

Neo Suzume-ishi ( 根尾雀石 ) means "Eurasian tree sparrow stone in Neo area" if translated in English.

The reason of the name Eurasian tree sparrow is not sure, but maybe because color patterns found on the stone surface look like patterns found on Eurasian tree sparrow.

However, there are several views on the origin of the name just like always.

For example, in Japan, Vespinae is called Suzume bachi (スズメバチ) which means Eurasian tree sparrow hornet.

The reason of the name seems to be:
The size of Vespinae is about as big as sparrow, or,
The color patterns of the nest looks like Eurasian tree sparrow.

Vespinae nest:
Vespinae nest

There are various opinions about name.

By the way, prefix Neo is the mining place of the Suzume-ishi

The following photo is sparrow and rough Neo Suzume-ishi.

The upperparts of the sparrow are light brown, streaked with black, and the brown wings have two distinct narrow white bars.

Although black is not there in the stone, color pattern of light brown and white looks like sparrow.

Neo Suzume-ishi

Water sprayed:
Neo Suzume-ishi

Eurasian tree sparrow:
Eurasian tree sparrow

White areas are almost limestone. So, hardness of Neo Suzume-ishi is not high usually and it is difficult to flash by polishing.

Neo Suzume-ishi