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Nishiki-ishi ( 錦石 )

Nishiki-ishi ( 錦石 ) in Japan

In Japan, there are stones calles Nishiki-ishi( 錦石 ). Actually, there are narrow and broad definitions of Nishiki-ishi itself.

In a broad sense, it is a general term for beautiful stones from Tsugaru region located in the northwestern portion of Honshu, the largest island of Japan. It is also called Tsugaru Nishiki-ishi.

In the narrow sense it means jasper which has more than three colors and beautiful mixed colors. It is just called Nishiki-ishi.

The three colors are usually yellow, red, and green. And jasper which has more than three colors is called Goshiki-ishi ( 五色石 ). Goshiki-ishi means "five colors stone" in English if translating literally. Why is three colors stone called five colors? Because "five" is an eulogistic name.

It may be called "fancy jasper" in Japan.

By the way "Nishiki" means Japanese brocade and also beautiful thing.

Although green area is small, this stone has three colors: yellow, red and green. And also mixing colors is beautiful therefore, it can be called Nishiki-ishi(I think).




This stone was sold as Nishiki-ishi, however, the colors seem to be too colorful and I am not sure that this is actually mined from Japan. Since green jasper is quite rare in Japan.