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Neo Yozakura ( 根尾夜桜 )

Neo Yozakura ( 根尾夜桜 ) in Japan

Viewing cherry blossoms at night is called "yozakura" and it is unique to cherry blossoms. Some famous spots temporarily display paper lanterns for yozakura (night viewing of cherry blossom).

Of course, viewing cherry blossoms at night is tasteful, however, I assume that another reason is sake drunk under cherry blossoms.

To enjoy admiring cherry blossoms and drinking Sake (alcohol beverage) is called hanamizake (花見酒) and is considered a refined custom. As there is a proverb related to Hanami Dango "Hana yori Dango"(to prefer dango to hana); it originates from people attracted much more to dango or parties at hanami events than to “hana” (the cherry blossoms) which are supposed to be the main things at the events.

So, only day time is not enough to enjoy drinking sake for some people.

I got pretty off track.

In Neo Yozakura, there are Sakura-ishi called "Yozakura". The difference between normal Sakura-ishi and Yozakura is its color.

Yozakura has a dark tone of a color and flower petal is also modest color. The following photo is Yozakura.

Neo Yozakura, 根尾夜桜

Neo Yozakura, 根尾夜桜

You can see modest little petals on the stone.

Yozakura, 夜桜