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Why Neo Sakura-ishi ( 根尾桜石 )

Why Neo Sakura-ishi ( 根尾桜石 ) is cherry blossom?

If you see the following photo, you might think where cherry blossom is.

Neo Sakura-ishi, 根尾桜石

You might think just white dots are there, however, it is not so.

For you, I prepared some photos which let you know why Neo Sakura-ishi is called cherry blossom.

Neo Sakura-ishi, 根尾桜石

This is another Neo Sakura-ishi.

For me, brown, yellow and white dots are beautiful, however, that is not all.

Please see another photo of the same stone.

Neo Sakura-ishi, 根尾桜石

Do you notice something special relating to cherry blossom?

Neo Sakura-ishi, 根尾桜石

How about this?

Neo Sakura-ishi, 根尾桜石

I believe now you are realized cherry blossoms.

Neo Sakura-ishi, 根尾桜石

Yes, the reason why Neo Sakura-ishi is called cherry blossoms is not only for white dots, but also actual petal shape.

Sometimes it is difficult to find out, however, there is cherry blossoms in Neo Sakura-ishi.

By the way, does the following photo look like sneaker?

Neo Sakura-ishi, 根尾桜石

I like Neo Sakura-ishi which remenber me cherry blossoms.

cherry blossoms