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Details about Neo Sakura-ishi ( 根尾桜石 )

What is Neo Sakura-ishi ( 根尾桜石 )?

The details about Neo Sakura-ishi is poorly understood.

As explained before, Neo Sakura-ishi is mined from Neo village which once existed.

From the Neo village, Kikkaseki which was designated as a special natural treasure is also mined therefore, Neo Sakura-ishi was hidden under the shadow of Kikkaseki in Japan.

Only local enthusiastic stone fans made a collection of Neo Sakura-ishi.

With these situations as a background, no one knows exactly what Neo Sakura-ishi is from mineralogy positon, building block, nor the origin.

However, fragmentary information about Neo Sakura-ishi can be found from the net:

  • #1: According to the information from persons who have experience of polishing, including base rock, since the hardness of Neo Sakura-ishi is very high, Neo Sakura-ishi is considered as jasper.
  • #2: Color variations on flower petal and stripe pattern are abundant.
  • #3: Although there are several stones which include the meaning of cherry blossom in its name, Neo Sakura-ishi is peculiar to its color, flower petal form, and fine formation including base rock.
  • #4: White translucence material can be observed partly. It looks like sugarcoating on doughnuts.
  • #5: Neo Sakura-ishi has a tendency to include porosity partly. If it is whitish, center of flower petal is missing sometimes.

Neo Sakura-ishi(根尾桜石)

Neo Sakura-ishi(根尾桜石)

From the above, I put Neo Sakura-ishi on the test.

Actually, it was not so special test, but it is just common test from mineralogically. I soaked Neo Sakura-ishi in toilet detergent which includes hydrochloric acid. Heavy bubble release was observed and therefore, the sugarcoating seems to be limestone.

For the story of jasper, from my point of view, jasper and silicon dioxide have a strong relationship as some jasper have inclusion of white line of silica. Right from the start, jasper is impure variety of silica. So, if the sugarcoating is not silica but limestone, I think that Neo Sakura-ishi is not jasper but others.

And it also accounts for the story of porosity. Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) which is major materials of limestone can be dissolved or precipitated by groundwater, depending on several factors, including the water temperature, pH, and dissolved ion concentrations. So, the reason of porosity is because dissolution of limestone. If center of flower petal is limestone, then it can be missing by dissolution.

As the above, I found some but the study of Neo Sakura-ishi is still under gone. I would like to update this page if I will find something new.

Neo Sakura-ishi(根尾桜石)

Neo Sakura-ishi(根尾桜石)