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Keisyou-seki, Sugata-ishi ( 形象石、姿石 )

Keisyou-seki, Sugata-ishi ( 形象石、姿石 ) in Japan

There is a category of Keisyou-seki ( 形象石 ) or Sugata-ishi ( 姿石 ) in Suiseki world.

Keisyou-seki or Sugata-shi is a funny shaped stone which is associated with something.

By the way, "Keisyou" or "Sugata" mean shape or figure and "seki" or "ishi" mean "stone" in Japanese.

The following photo is one of the Keisyou-seki ( 形象石 ) or Sugata-ishi ( 姿石 ):

What do you see in the stone?

Quote from "緋山酔恭の山水石美術館" A bear?, Keisyou-seki, Sugata-ishi ( 形象石、姿石 ):

A bear? ( Sugata-ishi )

Yes, it is a bear.

Although it is the same as Monyou-seki, since Suiseki is enjoying to see the world in a tiny stone and it includes enjoying imagining, too intelligible shape is not preferred. Rather, some fuzziness to make viewer image something from the shape is preferred.

By the act of seeing Keisyou-seki ( 形象石 ) or Sugata-ishi ( 姿石 ), enjoy imaging and admire the nature for the shape made by nature. So, Keisyou-seki ( 形象石 ) or Sugata-ishi ( 姿石 ) is not allowed to artificialize.

Since if the shape is changed by human hand, it is not Suiseki anymore, but carving or sculpture.

Any kind of shape, such as man, animal, or character is okay but Deity of Mercy and bonze are preferred.

Quote from "緋山酔恭の山水石美術館" Bodhisattva, Keisyou-seki, Sugata-ishi ( 形象石、姿石 ):

Bodhisattva ( Sugata-ishi )

The following photo is Toki-ishi and also Sugata-ishi ( 姿石 ).

What do you see from the shape of this stone?

Holy Mother ( Sugata-ishi )