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Bonsai(盆栽) and Suiseki(水石)

Bonsai(盆栽) and Suiseki(水石)

Bonsai(盆栽) and Suiseki(水石) are similar.

The big difference is the object. Of course, the object of Bonsai is tree. The object of Suiseki is stone.


You may think tree is living plants and therefore, cultivation technics is important but stone is always stone.

Yes, it is true.

But I think it could be an advantage for busy modern people and for me, stone is not always the same.

Stone looks like different day by day. Every day, I found something new from stones.

Further, there is cultivation technics in Suiseki also.

It is called 養石.

In English, it can be translated to “growing stone”.

Stone is growing? Of course, not.

Stone is not changed by itself. However, Suiseki people cultivate stones day by day.

Putting stones on bench and watering and exposing to the sunlight daily. It is for covering stones something in natural process by exposing stones to nature.

Suiseki people called the something “Time” or “History”. It takes many years. It may be several decades to display stone.

So, I would like to introduce Suiseki for people love Wabi-Sabi. For people love to see nature in stone.

Quote from "緋山酔恭の山水石美術館" KamuiKotan, Maguro:

Suiseki, Kamuikotan


Stones are never dead even if you forget about watering.

You can find something if you change your outlook

Finally, you can see nature in stones.