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What is Taiyaki?

Taiyaki is a Japanese sweet cakes made by baking batter in sea bream shaped molds, and it is mainly manufactured, sold and eaten in Japan. Taiyaki is not local dishes or local food but rather you can find throughout Japan.


Because the Japanese name of a sea bream is 'tai' and 'medetai' in Japanese means 'joyous,' a sea bream was broiled with the shape intact and displayed on an eating tray during many occasions. Its bright red color is also regarded as good omen. Further, among the seven gods of good fortune in Buddhism of Japan, the god who brings prosperity to merchants' shops, called Ebisu is conceived with a sea bream many times.


Anyway, a sea bream was high-quality fish in Japan and ordinary people did not purchase a sea bream in ordinary days on one occasion. But Taiyaki is cheap and everyone can buy it and made them happy. So, Taiyaki has been the daily food common people were familiar with.

To make Taiyaki, first the batter made of flour, sugar, and soda is poured into sea bream shaped molds and then azuki bean paste added before the two sides of the mold are joined together. There are two types of Taiyaki cakes: single molds (called natural or single molds) and multiple molds (called artificial molds) in a pan. The following photo is multiple molds.

Multiple molds Taiyaki

Since single molds requires some special technics and skill to make well, single molds is more popular for maniac, however, it is more crispy and good. But single molds usually never see. So, if you find single molds, By all means, please try that.

Recently, some derived types of Taiyaki are also common. Croissant Taiyaki is one of that. These are also named Taiyaki because of that shape, however, it is not the original Taiyaki and derived types are usually putting some word before the name of Taiyaki, e.g., Croissant Taiyaki. So you can identify ordinal one and derived one. My recommendation is: you should try the original Taiyaki first and then you can enjoy other types of Taiyaki. So, you can enjoy Taiyaki many times.

Croissant Taiyaki