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What is Takoyaki?

Takoyaki(octopus dumplings) is a baked ball of wheat flour of three to five centimeters(one to two inches) in diameter, into which a small piece of octopus is put, a dish originated in Osaka and Takoyaki is very popular in the Kansai area. Moreover, Tsukiji Gindaco, a takeout shop of Takoyaki, is quite successful and has numerous chain stores spread across a wide area in Japan, so you can find Takoyaki anywhere in Japan.


Please not to be confused with Taiyaki. Because the only difference between Taiyaki and Takoyaki is one letter in Japanese, such as “i” or “ko”. However, the meanings are completely different and of course, the taste is also completely different. Because the name of Taiyaki is originated from its shape(sea bream), but Takoyaki is from the ingredients(octopus). Both Taiyaki and Takoyaki are also not local dishes or local food.

Judging from the remarkably high percentage of families from Osaka that possess an iron plate and other tools for cooking Takoyaki, and from the large number of people in Osaka, both men and women, who know how to cook Takoyaki, the popularity of Takoyaki is so great in Osaka that people say exaggerate, 'An iron plate for cooking Takoyaki is one of brides' household articles in Osaka. It is some kind of joke because for the people of the Osaka region, comedy is just built-in. Further there is "Osaka Takoyaki Museum," which features Takoyaki, one of Osaka's most popular delicacies.

Anyway, Takoyaki is yummy and please try it if you find Takoyaki takeout shop.

Making Takoyaki