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In Japan, there is another discriminating stone which can be suitable as ornamental purposes.

The name of stone is “Toki-ishi”( 土岐石 ).

The name is composed of two words. One is "Toki" which is the name of place. Since Toki-ishi is found in Toki which is located in southern Gifu Prefecture, to the southeast of Gifu City and approximately 30 kilometers north of Nagoya in Japan. The Toki River runs through the downtown area. The other is "Ishi" which means stone. So, "Tokiishi" means stones found in Toki area.

I would like to explain Toki-ishi in detail for the chapter.

Toki-ishi( 土岐石 )

What is Toki-ishi

Toki-ishis are, of course, stones found in Toki area. But more clear explanation is needed(of course).

The term “Toki-ishi” is often used both in a narrow sense and in a broad sense.

In a broad sense, Toki-ishi is any kinds of stones found in Toki area including chert, monseki, tsubo-ishi, and others, but in a narrow sense, it is only woody jasper which is started from a fossilizing action called silicification first and then changed in constitution or structure or composition by metamorphism.

Woody Jasper, Toki-ishi( 土岐石 )

Jasper which is not caused by wood, it is gray area, however, it is included in the narrow sense in most cases.

Toki-ishi( 土岐石 )