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Toki-ishi value

The value of Toki-ishi

Toki-ishi is not very expensive at all. Of course, although it depends on size, color, and detail, around a few dollars to a few hundred dollars at most.

As regards size, since Toki-ishi is displayed as ornamental stone inside the house, 5 inches to 1 foot is preferred.

For color, green or blue one is preferred basically. And the next is red and then, yellow. Although any colors are not impossible, Toki-ishi which has multi colors is special and the most popular.

For detail, Toki-ishi which makes you feel Wabi-Sabi is the best. Since Toki-ishi is not polished and found pleasure in the condition of being natural, the quality as jasper is not matter. Rather, some specific characteristics, such as hoke, kusare, and etc., are preferred.

Please see " Attractive features" page for details.

Although Toki-ishi is not so expensive, the problem is that Toki-ishi is not sold on the open market.

Between individuals, consumer to consumer transaction is main channel in Japan.

 Toki-ishi ( 土岐石 )