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Toki-ishi Monyouseki ( 土岐石紋様石 )

Toki-ishi Monyouseki ( 土岐石紋様石 ) in Japan

Toki-ishi is woody jasper.

As a jasper has sometimes colorful patterns, Toki-ishi may have colorful patterns sometimes.

However, woody jasper includes remains of tree and they may interrupt some patterns. So, Toki-ishi with pattern is not very popular.

The following photo is woody jasper, Toki-ishi with pattern.

What do you see from the pattern?

I see the “Dragon” from the pattern

Toki-ishi with pattern(Monyou)

I add the outline:
Toki-ishi with pattern

However, what to see from patterns is subjective.

So, seeing anything or something is depends on you and that is exactly what to enjoy.