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Toki / Shonai river

Toki / Shonai river

To discuss before Toki-ishi, I would like to discuss about Toki river first. Since the majority of Toki-ishis are found from Toki river.

Toki river is flowing through Gifu and Aichi prefectures located in the center of Japan.

The river originates at Mount Yudachi in Ena, Gifu Prefecture. After flowing through the Tamano Valley in Aichi Prefecture, it enters the Nobi Plain, before emptying into Ise Bay through Nagoya's Minato-ku.

The river changes its name three times. The first name is Toki river in Gifu prefecture. And then between Gifu and Aichi, the name is changed as Tamano river. Since around the area, there is Tamano valley. And finally, the name is changed as Shonai river is Aich prefecture. The river after originated at Mount Yudachi in Ena, several rivers are merged.

The situation of the river as follows:

Ise Bay(Nagoya's Minato-ku) Shonai River(Aich) Tamano River(Tamano Valley) Toki River(Gifu) Mount Yudachi(Ena)
∟Yata River(Nagoya's Nishi-ku) ∟Kasahara River(Tajimi)
∟Tsumagi River(Toki)
∟Ori River(Mizunami)

The following map is from Shonai River Office (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) to see visual.

Toki River

This Toki and Shonai is mother river for Toki-ishi.