Reframe Japan, Wabi-Sabi

Why do I like stones?

Although I like stones, I stopped and tried to think the reasons. On reflection, I found that it is not only one reason, but rather several reasons are complexly intertwined.

It may be true that there is no accounting for tastes.

However, I found several reasons as follows:


Stones are durable.

Perhaps stones are the most durable material on the earth.

Metal is rust and wood falls into decay.

Plastics do not biodegrade and cause a problem. If considering Microplastics which are very small pieces of plastic that pollute the environment, it may change the conclusion, however, In general stones seem to be the most durable material.

In fact, there are stones which have been treasured over several generations.

"Yume no Ukihashi", which is one of the most famous stones, is a better example.

It was Emperor Godaigo's beloved stone, was transferred to Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu and then now is in the possession of the Tokugawa Art Museum. Emperor Godaigo (後醍醐天皇 Go-Daigo-tenno) (November 26, 1288 ? September 19, 1339) was the 96th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

So, Yume no Ukihashi have been treasured for seven hundred years at least.

Maybe some one will find your stone some day in millennial later.


Stones are not artifact and are naturally occurring.

Stones are the objects which are created by the wild nature for a long time.

If you look on stones which are spalls of earth, it may soothe your soul with thinking of the connection to the source.

Maybe this work is important for the people who have forgotten the connection.


You can find stones anywhere on the earth.

Of course, some specific stones are mined from some specific areas.

However, I was surprised sometimes when I found stones which cannot be there.

In that case, it brings joy, such as:

Fancy meeting you here!

How did this stone get in here?

Maybe stones which have been existed since time began have abundant experience with something unexpected.

For example, some kind of animals have a habit of collecting or eating stones, so traveling by unexpected circumstances could happen.

So, even if the route is the same old way, it is better to have your eyes wide open for a new encounter.

Since your stone may be not diamond or sapphire but usual stone, something special may be in hiding in regular life.

So, availability is important for the exciting journey in regular life.


If you take a long look at surface of stones, you may become aware of vein or color shading.

They are good hints to imagine how the stone was formed.

Being in a reverie is fun.

If the object is animal or plant, there is no space of a reverie.

So, the unknown state of the formation is one of preferable.

Why do I like stones?

Although I plucked an example out of the air, these are the reasons why I like stones.

In French action thriller film, Leon: The Professional, Leon spends his idle time engaging in calisthenics, nurturing a houseplant, and watching old films.

The houseplant is symbolism of Leon and Leon himself talks about his plant that it is his best friend as he never complains and they have in common that they don't have roots.

Leon said: It's my best friend. Always happy. No questions. It's like me, you see. No roots.

I totally understand how that feels.

I also believe that stones don’t betray people.

Of course, although it is individual freedom to project anything to the stone, in my view stone seems to be reflecting some steady feedback.

So, it seems that you are rarely met the situation so that feeling cheated.

I believe that the stone will be with you like friend as long as you value the stone.

As I mentioned above, since stones have a long life, they will exist after your death and they have been existed for a long long long time.

So, the stone seem to be a person who is much older and much more experienced if personifying the stone.

If you focus on the past, the future of the stone, and stone itself, you may awaken to something important.

It might be feeling the value of nature or message from the earth.

Thinking about those sort of things, I found that I really like stones.

 Why do I like stones