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Why am I collecting stones?

Why do I collect stones?

I asked myself.

Actually, I want to say simply as:

“Because it's there.”

On the other hand, since I collected stones in a compulsive way and my room was occupied by stones once, I carefully asked myself and the followings are the result.

Because I like stones

I collect stones because I like it. It is quite simple, isn't it?

Because I like stone, it is no problem even if my room was occupied by stones (if housemates do not complain about it).

Because to find one stone

I have a feeling that there is one and only stone which is still unseen in this world.

I am not sure it is sure or just all in my head.

However, there is an expressions as "One stone in One life (一生一石)" among stone collectors in Japan.

The meaning of that is - "That's good enough if you find one stone."

So, I believe that many people seem to have the same hope.

From the perspective, only one stone should be enough, however, actual condition is collecting many other stones to find out one stone...

Although the two accounts contradict each other, wanting to take the time for one stone but there is no time because many stones are in your room.

I am not sure what exactly the one and only stone is.

However, it might be the one which makes me feel that vision or advice is provided by the stone in life.


While collecting stones, you have the opportunity to be impressed by stone.

"How beautiful it is!"

"What a superior in quality!"

"Something impossible has happened!", etc.

Basically, it is because all stones are made by natural environment and from a sense of awe before nature.

If you experienced it once, it makes you want more.

So, you have a chance to be a collectomania.

It seems that there are several reasons to be a collectomania.

Collecting more fine one, want to have good one than the others, avoiding the feeling of loneliness, etc.

Collecting something is not bad, however, moderation in all things.

It is a personal reason

The above is my review result. Some may be agreed by someone but reasons should vary from person to person after all.

However, it may be good to go over reasons in your mind to stop collecting stones automatically.

It may be the key to find your stone.

Why am I collecting stones?